Help shape a renewed Aspen Grove

The first step in the Aspen Grove revitalization process has been approved and now it’s time for design. As the vision for Aspen Grove broadens from shopping center to vibrant, walkable, mixed-use village, we invite your input. Together, let’s create an enriching community with inspired ways for people to shop, celebrate, live and connect with each other. Please join us in writing the next chapter of Aspen Grove.


A fresh mix of need + want

A vibrant asset to  Littleton (and beyond)

What’s in the new plan?

We’re redeveloping Aspen Grove in careful, incremental steps with opportunities for input along the way. We’ll offer a mix of multifamily residential homes that fit the character of Aspen Grove and Littleton. We’ll improve access to the South Platte Park and trail, benefiting all of Littleton. And we’ll bring new shopping and dining experiences to the community while continuing to support our current retail tenants. Learn more about what’s next. ➔


Retail is in uncharted waters, challenged by the evolving ways people shop. Gerrity, the owner of Aspen Grove, is responding with a co-creative approach that goes far beyond facelift. This is an undertaking that takes a long-term view designed to benefit everyone. Working in active partnership with the City, community members and merchants, it’s a vision that will come to life gradually. And create a win for all, with community-oriented priorities such as hand-picking highly desired tenants and maintaining onsite staff for community events.

Vital partnerships: the key to


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